At extreme Slate Roofing we know how important it is to have a properly maintained roof, giving you years of protection from leaks, dry-rot and mold. Extreme Slate Roofing is proud to announce that we are now offering cleaning and maintenance for roofs all across Northeast-Ohio.

When we clean a roof certain procedures are followed, i.e. whether the situation calls for us to use a pressure washer, blower or broom. We will check the following while on your roof:

  • Inspect chimney, base and counter flashings.
  • Inspect all pipe jacks and roof vents, making sure sealants are intact.
  • Check for adequate roof ventilation at eaves and ridges.
  • Check eaves for proper drip edge installation.
  • Check all skylight flashings and skylights for proper attachment and to prevent unwanted intrusion into your home.
  • Advise owner on setback of trees and landscaping for fire codes.
  • Check valleys for proper installation and inspect to see if proper “cuts” were made under the slates for good drainage.

If the valleys and walls were not up-laid and cleaned out, large amounts of dirt, tree debris, etc. may have been forced under the slate and can cause major leaks when the felt wears out.
Any extra work needed and not bid will be done only upon approval of owner.
If we can be of service and you would like to have a proposal to clean your roof, please call our office for an appointment.