Maintenance tip for December

How to Protect Your Roof in the Winter – ICE DAM PROBLEMS
The melting and refreezing snow can create ice dam problems on your roof, causing significant damage to the roof.  The higher and lower sections of your roof vary in temperature, forming a frozen barrier against the lower edge of the roof.  The ridge of ice that forms on the lower, cooler area of the roof prevents the melted snow that is accumulated on the higher, warmer areas to run off your house. Snow and water are trapped on the roof and may leak into your home.

This can easily prevented by removing the snow from your roof before ice dams form. We do not advocate you climbing up on your roof during a Northeast Ohio snowstorm. It is not safe or pleasant.

Let our ice dam prevention and repair professionals handle this important task for you! We are skilled and have a ton of experience handling it! Call us at (216) 526-4919 for an estimate or if you have any questions.

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