Maintenence Tip for November

How to Protect Your Roof in the Winter – HEATING CABLES

Heavy snow and ice buildup on the roof and rain gutters can cause multiple types of damage: water leaks through the roof, rot behind the butter and downed gutters are a possibility. One great solution to consider to protect the roof and rain gutters is the installation of self-regulating heating cables. These can be installed on your roof and in gutters to prevent ice dams and to eliminate the buildup of heavy snow loads. They are reasonably priced and a small price to pay compared to the repair of any damage.

A self regulating heating cable will act only as the outside temperature drops . The proper installation by a licensed electrician is vital to the effectiveness of cable and from a liability standpoint. We would not recommend this product to be installed by a non-professional.

For more information about heating-cables and estimates, pleaseĀ  email us at or call us at (216)526-4919.

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